- Powerful Readings & Old World Witchcraft -


Kat (short for Katarzyna) is a very kind, loving and skilled Tarot Reader, psychic, and Witch. She is Slavic and Romani. Her readings are conducted in a traditional, Romani style and her witchcraft is of an old-world, slavic nature.

 Romani people have been known for centuries for their powerful gifts in the spiritual arts. Kat comes by her gifts naturally but has been taught Tarot and other closed divination practices. She has been perfecting those practices for three decades years.

Kat's powerful and effective witchcraft has been part of her daily life for 30 years.

Being of an old-world, Slavic style, her spells are conducted privately, and she tailors those spells to fit the specific needs of her clients.

Kat offers spells for love, money, cursing, removing negativity, and much more.  She is empathic, intuitive, and incredibly sensitive to the Spirits that surround us.

Kat loves animals and humans alike. When you meet with her, she will put you at ease with her warmth and caring nature.

Readings & Witchcraft for Real Life Situations

Kat's practices go all the way back to the old ways of Eastern Europe. Her spells are effective, helpful, and authentic.

Kat uses several methods of divination including tarot cards, mediumship, crystal scrying, wax reading, and more.

Kat will work with you to achieve specific goals. She will support and guide you through accurate divination and genuine witchcraft.