Love & Light Spirit Boxes!

4 times a year, we have a little treat for you...Over $50 worth of Roma Therapy products, delivered to your door. Made with love, light and the highest intentions. Each box contains gemstones, spells, oils, candles, and one special, premium item. Beginner friendly and high quality, these boxes will come in June, September, December and March. One box for each Solstice, and one for each Equinox! Each box is only $30+S&H, and can only be purchased one box at a time, so there is no obligation to subscribe annually. Sign up below to receive your box! Limited number of boxes available!

Energy Healing Sessions

Energy Healing sessions are a wonderful experience if you are looking to clear yourself of unwanted stress, revitalize your energy, and fully relax. Kat provides you with a soothing, guided meditation. Following this, she will lovingly give you a relaxing combination of  Energy Therapy and gentle, Healing Touch.

Get the December 2018 Box!

Our December 2018 box has sold out but never fear! Sign-up for our March 2019 Box will be available on this page  February 1st, 2019.