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O​ld World Witchcraft

Need a little help nudging fate in your favor?

We can help!

If you have personal goals, concerns, or desires that you would like to explore, using the assistance of an experienced witch can be very effective.

Kat can initiate changes related to love, career, money, health, negative forces, curses, and many other life situations.

Kat has been a practitioner of Slavic-style witchcraft for almost 30 years, and is well versed in all manner of spells.

Kat's witchcraft is ethically approached. It is based on ancestral practices that are specific to her ethnic and cultural background.

Kat is very mindful of how much cultural appropriation has bled into mainstream witchcraft, and she is careful to come only from a place of authenticity.

She does not use any tools, rituals, or spells from other closed traditions.

Kat is not a believer in Wicca, nor does she follow the threefold law.

She is traditional to her people's ancient practices, which honor both the positive and negative aspects of life.

Kat does not practice "white" or "black" magic, but rather a healthy balance of both light and shadow.  

To browse available spells, please visit Kat's Witchcraft facebook page, Karpathia.

A Powerful Ally

To gain insight, favorable outcomes, rid yourself of pervading negative energy, contact us.

Kat will tailor her spell work to your specific needs, and will respectfully navigate the process with you.

You will choose the spells together, and carry them out together. She will do the hard work, and you will reap the benefits.

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